What makes a Tour the France.
(Rotterdam 2010)

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Dad and Son 2.2JPGxBW
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1. One of the Astana cyclists warms himself up for the time trial.
2. A set of wheels is cleaned by one of the Lotto Technicians.
3. The "Mavic" cycles are spare cycles, lined up on top of a car. These bikes will be issued to any team if their cyclists suffer from mechanical problems during a race.
4. A member of the Liquigas team warms himself up. Shown is the stand were his bike is mounted on.
5. The Dutch cyclist Koos Moerenhout from team Rabobank is heading to the finish in his run.
6. An unusual sight in the Netherlands is the “Gendemarie” (French Police) who escorted the cyclists in their run during the tour. At the right you can see the Dutch police (in yellow).
7. Dad and son with their yellow caps are walking towards the track to watch the race.
8. A woman is enjoying a snack in her typical yellow Tour the France poncho.
9. VIP members enjoying a beautiful evening after the tour. Obvious they experienced the day from a whole different “level” in one of the luxury lounges of the Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam.
10. An exhausted spectator sits down at one of the fences.